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Unlock New Opportunities with Marshall County Adult Education ESL Classes

Residents of Marshall County, Indiana, have a fantastic resource at their disposal: the Marshall County Adult Education program. This initiative, launched in 2023, offers free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes aimed at helping community members enhance their language, business, and technology skills.

Why Marshall County Adult Education ESL Classes Stand Out

The ESL classes provided by Marshall County Adult Education are designed to break down language barriers and open up new opportunities for residents. Whether you're looking to improve your communication for personal reasons, career advancement, or better integration into the community, these classes are tailored to meet your needs.

What You Can Expect

  • Free Access: All ESL classes are free for Marshall County residents, making quality education accessible to everyone.

  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Beyond language learning, the program includes business and technology training, which are essential skills in today’s job market.

  • Convenient On-Site Classes: In partnership with ITAMCO, the program also offers on-site ESL classes for employees, providing a convenient learning environment right at their workplace.

How to Get Involved

Interested individuals can easily join the program. The Marshall County Adult Education website provides detailed information about the available programs and includes registration forms that need to be completed to become a student.

Community Impact

The program's success stories highlight its positive impact on participants' lives. Follow the link below for a video that offers a glimpse into the experiences of students who have benefited from the ESL classes, showcasing the transformative power of education.

Link to the 'Education Counts' Video

Marshall County Adult Education Website Link

Contact Information

For more details or any inquiries, contact:

Jason Rivich

Director of Adult Education

Phone: 574-936-7268

This initiative is an excellent opportunity for residents of Marshall County to improve their language skills and unlock new possibilities in their personal and professional lives. Don’t miss out on the chance to join a supportive community dedicated to your success.

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