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TAA Success Story

In April 2018, Amber was dislocated from her job in Huntington, Indiana where she worked as a Manufacturing Assistant, making $13.20/hour. After her layoff, Amber was determined to advance into a field that was not only growing but would provide her higher wages in a more sustainable career. Amber co-enrolled into the TAA and WIOA Dislocated Worker program and applied for TAA training and TRA income support working toward an Associate’s degree in Advanced Respiratory Therapy. Amber overcame several barriers and hurdles through her training but with her resolve she persevered. Not only did Amber complete her Associates degree in Respiratory Therapy, but Amber also graduated with a 3.8 GPA, earning Magna Cum Laude, graduated in the top 25th percentile of her class, earned the distinction of being on the National Board of Respiratory Care Honor Society (Lambda Beta), and has been inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. After graduation, Amber gained employment working as a Respiratory Therapist earning an average of $27.75/hour, more than double her separation wage. Amber stated that she “couldn't have done this without TAA”. Amber always wanted to go back to school but having a growing family to support was more important. The fact that the company closed turned into a blessing.

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