Potential ID Me Fraud

From Field Resource Consultant E. Weller at Indiana DWD

Potential ID Me Fraud: • Some claimants were receiving from ID.me saying that it would be 7-10 days before a claimant would get a response, and some claimants did not get a response at all. ID.me does not have any automated messaging for IN DWD that mentions 7-10 days. The response time goal for ID.me is 24 hours. This is a reminder for all staff and claimants to know that the only way people should be connecting to ID.me is through their Uplink account. This way they know that they are connecting to the legitimate site. If a claimant receives a message stating it will take 7-10 days for a response, please take a screen shot of the emails and send to me. ID.me has had a rash of fake emails/social handles pop in the past few weeks. ID Me Clarification • You cannot verify through ID.me if you do not have an open claim. You will need to wait until your claim is in open status in order to complete identity verification. To check if your claim is in open status, look at the Claims section of your Claimant Homepage. Under the Claim Status column, you will see the word “Open”. If you see “Deny”, “Expired”, or “Pending” you will not be able to access Identity Verification though ID.me

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