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Out-Of-School Youth Success!

Read up on recent success from those who are pushing their employment boundaries!

Elkhart County

Congratulations to Antonio!

He has completed extraordinary career goals! Antonio made it through a fast and furious course in which he accomplished something that a lot of people consider doing, yet few follow through or finish. He obtained his Commercial Driver's License (ClassA). We want to congratulate him again on getting that shiny new piece of plastic in his pocket! It holds the key that can unlock a world of opportunities for him. It has given him opportunities and access to jobs that others do not have access to, and those jobs are readily available of a worthy applicant like him.


Malachi obtained HSE diploma

and Successfully completed the Welding training. He wanted to make sure he was being a role model for his siblings and he turned his life around. He is now a certified welder, has obtained full time employment and within 46 days, he got a promotion to Head Welder and received a $3 raise. He has since obtained an apartment and all of this started when he was ONLY 17 years old! Congratulations to you Malachi for stepping up and maintaining your success!


Kosciusko County

Christopher achieved his HSE Diploma

and obtained full time employment with self-sufficient wage. He had a dream of working with people who faced the same challenges as himself, and that is EXACTLY where he has maintained employment for almost a year.

Chris received a raise since, and continues to refer people to the OSY program and Adult Education. Thank you Christopher for being a participant and becoming a community partner!


Marshall County

Kennedy is a young lady doing everything she can to achieve a better life

for herself and her young daughter. She was an unfortunate casualty of the Covid school shutdown, etc. and found herself without her GED when she didn’t return to school. She came to the office and enrolled in the WIOA youth program, and also Adult Education. She quickly moved through the classes and passed her GED exam. She made every appointment, even if it meant bringing her daughter along after her tumbling class! She now possesses the first tool necessary to move on to college in the fall where she plans to pursue her degree and a career in the medical industry. Kennedy is an excellent example of why the WorkOne youth program exists. She successfully achieved her first goal of attaining her GED, and can now work with her case manager toward her next goal of higher education. This Young Adult success award goes to Kennedy for being an example of hard work and determination to make her dreams a reality.


Braden B. is a United States Marine

who upon his honorable discharge, came to WorkOne for help in achieving his short-term welding certification. We were proud to be able to help Braden make his goals happen, and we thank him for his service. Braden first went through welding training at IvyTech and achieved his welding certification with the assistance of the WorkOne Youth Program. He then pursued an advanced welding certification utilizing his GI Bill. Braden was hired at a local employer where he finished their Aerospace welding program as well, and passed the exams on his first try! We applaud Braden for being an example of hard work and service to his country, and a lifelong learner. He exemplifies success in the WorkOne Youth Program.


St. Joseph County

Meeting Ashton at the Excel Center where she already was committed to achieving her goal of attaining her High School Diploma was a fortunate event for the OSY program. During the enrollment process Ashton was respectful and had no issues with completing it which made the process smooth and allowed us to build some rapport and embark on this new journey in a positive supportive way. Ashton was excited to start welding training. During her time in training, Ashton kept effective communication with her OSY case manager, and remained consistent with her Excel class work and Welding Training. When an obstacle occurred during training, Ashton did not let that stop her, she took the initiative to talk to her instructors regarding more class and study time. Ashton went into class on all her off days to ensure she perfected her craft. Her craft perfected is exactly what she did by attaining her Welding Certificate. Ashton, we just want to thank you for coming into the program and achieving every goal, you set. That’s very inspirational and allows your peers who are trying to achieve goals that may seem impossible from their view, know that it’s possible.

Super Proud of all your accomplishments!


This WIOA Title I-financially assisted program/activity is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TTY users call 711

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