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Job Seeker and Career Services

We offer FREE job search consultation, guidance, networking, and connections in Elkhart, Fulton, Kosciusko, Marshall, and St. Joseph Counties.

Stop by the office to submit your claim and to work with our team to find
your next job.


RESEA/Jobs for Hoosiers

Did you receive a letter? Keep your scheduled appointment or contact us to maintain your unemployment benefits.

Women Holding Hands

Professional/Care Changers

Work with our Business Services Team, or join networking groups such as HOPE, JobLink, and VetLink; these groups are the fastest way to employment.


Visit a specialist who can leverage your service into further opportunity.

Women Holding Hands


Enroll in one of our impressive programs for both In-School and Out-of-School students.



Transition back into the working world through our unique re-entry intervention program.


Dislocated Workers

Re-find your place within an under-performing market.

Women Holding Hands

Workers with Disabilities

Find reasonable accommodations that ensure that all of our buildings, programs, and services are accessible to all.

Women Holding Hands


Doing What’s Needed


Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers

Search for opportunities
with our designated specialists.


Job Training and Workshops

Improve your skills, earn certifications, and heighten your marketability.


Resume and Interview Help

Receive helpful lessons and learn to clearly communicate your abilities to employers.

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