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Digital Workshops

You can watch some of our past workshops by clicking on the name of any session below.

A+ Resumes: Part 1 - Get your resume into great shape with a these quick tips. (5 minutes)

A+ Resumes: Part 2 - Learn how to adapt your resume so it shines when employers use an automated application system. (5 minutes)

Interview Like a Pro - Get ready to impress at your next interview with this video. (8 minutes)

Identify Your Skills - Knowing your skills will help you market yourself and entice employers to hire you. (30 minutes)

Find Employment with ICC - Indiana Career Connect is a great way to find a job and this seminar will show you how. (31 minutes)

Self-Assessments and You - Learn how to use Indiana Career Connect to know which jobs are the best fit for your skills. (29 minutes) This workshop should be viewed after learning how to register for ICC in 'Finding Employment with ICC'

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