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Outstanding Staff!

Out of School Youth Specialist, Tonya Bope receives the Young Adult Services (YAS) Outstanding Staff Award at the Indiana Department of Workforce Development Young Adult Services Summit! Read More...

From left to right -Out of School Youth Team Lead Heather Williams, Youth Director Savannah Quezada, Out of School

Youth Specialist, Tonya Bope, Northern Indiana Workforce Board Executive Vice President Darcey Mitschelen, Ph. D. ,

Out of School Youth Specialist Tonnes Lovelady, Out of School Youth Specialist Amanda Eisenhart

"Tonya has been an essential part of the Youth team for many years. Her dedication to the youth of Kosciusko and Fulton counties is shown each day in her willingness to go above and beyond her job description, and her knowledge of community partners helps build lasting relationships for our WorkOne system. Tonya's team oriented spirit makes her more than deserving of this award." - Heather Williams Out-Of-School Youth Team Lead

Tonya, thank you for all you do. We appreciate you!

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