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Resurgent Hiring and Economic Growth are Spurring!!

Northern Indiana's workforce is the engine powering the local economy, and those companies and nonprofit employers that grow their products and services do so in large part because of highly skilled workers accomplishing a multitude of tasks — and bringing new ideas and innovation to the table. Thus, in this space, WorkOne will report Success Stories for workers and employers.


WorkOne in South Bend received news in May 2014 from a Hoosier who is on a years-long journey through post-second- ary education in pursuing the skills to fulfill her career passion, the French language and International Studies.

"I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your help and guidance when I was unemployed and decided to go back to school.  That was four years ago and I cannot believe it.

"I am currently in Toulon, France, doing my final semester at IU as a full-time student abroad. I technically graduate in August since the spring semester here starts later and ends later than at home. I changed my major to French with a minor in International Studies, and I have just been accepted to the University of Notre Dame on a full scholarship to complete my Master's.

"It brings tears to my eyes just to write this as I am still in complete disbelief. I will thank you in person when I get back ... just wanted to make sure you know that the work you do is extremely meaningful and, in my case, will never be forgotten. Thank you!"  — Judy B



"This past Tuesday, March 25th, was a very special day for me. It marked my one-year anniversary of permanent em-ployment with [a Warsaw-area employer]. As I sat and reflected on that moment, the one thing that stood out in my mind is that I would not be celebrating this accomplishment were it not for all the hard work of the staff at Warsaw WorkOne.

"I'm sure all of you would say that you were just doing your job, and some of you were, but others went out of their way to help me out and make me feel comfortable in my own skin again. Some were teaching me job-search and interview- ing skills, some were just there to listen and encourage. There were also some who prod- ded me to go back to school (which I'm doing now) and finish my degree, and others who were there with a shoulder to cry on when I was having a horrible week. The point is I didn't get where I am today by myself.

"Without the help given to me by the staff at WorkOne — from the friendly greetings of the receptionist, to Dave going out of his way to get my resume seen by the right people, and everyone in between — I doubt I would be where I am today if it weren't for all of you.

"I met many wonderful people while at WorkOne, both employees and clients and have stayed in contact with a few. I have dinner nearly every Friday night with Judy S. and a group of other friends that she introduced us to. I really didn't know too many people in the area until I started coming to WorkOne and met Judy, so I am thankful that our paths were able to cross at WorkOne, as well.

"I'm sure many of you feel like you sometimes have a thankless job with all the people that you have to deal with that come in with a terrible attitude and expect you to go find them a job while they sit around and collect their check.

"I just want to let you all know that you are doing good things and you are making a difference in people's lives — whether you think you are or not.

"I have wanted to do something nice for you and your staff for a while now, and upon reaching my year milestone it seemed like the perfect time to do it. Although I feel like I could never truly repay you and your staff for all that you have done for me, I hope you enjoy this token of my gratitude and appreciation for all the great things that the Warsaw WorkOne staff has done for me and continues to do for others."

Many Thanks,
Carla T.


"After over 25 years with the company, I was informed my job had been eliminated. Needless to say, I was rather distraught. On 3/13, unsure what to do or where to go, I spoke with you [a staff member at WorkOne]. You offered comfort, reassurance, and encouragement along with advice. On 3/14, less than 48 hours after losing one job, I had another. THANK YOU !!! I could not have done it without the faith you gave me."



"On behalf of the [Northern Indiana nonprofit organization's] Family Development Program Staff, we would like to thank you for educating our clients on 'Local Job Training.' Your outstanding presentation and liveliness allowed the clients to enjoy themselves and gain knowledge. Many the clients expressed their appreciation for the workshop and would like to learn more. The Individual Development Account (IDA) Program continually works with clients to help them become financially self-sufficient and achieve their goals. We are grateful to partner with experts from the community, such as yourself, on related topics that can help them on their journey.

"Again, THANK YOU for giving your time and expertise to our IDA clients as they begin the process of obtaining their homes."

Catina G., & Family Development Consultant
/ Special Projects Coordinator.  



There are instances when an employer's hiring of an ex-offender provides community-wide gains reaching beyond benefits sprouting for a newly hired person whose prior successes were few and far between, there by providing a collective boost to Northern Indiana as a whole. Such wider benefits were evident in a 2013 Success Story where WorkOne helped facilitate an ex-offender's hiring.

Upon securing employment, an ex-offender  such as the one in this Success Story  feels a significant sense of purpose upon reaching a milestone in sometimes arduous efforts to redirect their daily activities to become self-sufficient, learn new skills, pay taxes and contribute positively to the local community. In this case, as in others involving employment of ex-offenders, the employer gains not only a new worker whose technical and soft-skills fit well with job requirements, but also a large dose of community pride that accompanies providing an opportunity to an ex-offender.

Some WorkOne professional staff members, in north-central Region 2 as well as statewide, focus much of their time and dedication to helping ex-offenders develop skills and abilities to secure employment in competitive labor markets. These WorkOne staff members also talk with employers about their staffing needs and listen to their concerns thereby developing relationships to help facilitate the hiring of ex-offenders.

In this light, WorkOne staff members and managers are quite pleased to receive information such as the following comment, which was made by an official with the local employer whose hiring decision spurred this Success Story. Chatting with WorkOne Northern Indiana's re-entry employment coordinator, the official said, "All you need to do is feel good that your advocating [for the ex-offender] paid off!"


WorkOne received a heartening email from a veteran living in north-central Indiana who was ecstatic to earn a job with the help of a WorkOne staff member who specializes in helping veterans.

"I am thrilled to say that I am going to the [employer's office] this afternoon to accept an offer they are extending to me, regarding a full-time position, in their Granger office phone center, starting this coming Monday! I am starting-out, in this entry-level position, at what I was making after 11 long years in optical! There is much room for advancement, and it is a wonderful company to work for, as my husband has worked there (at the SB location), for the past six year, and they have been wonderful to him/us! I am so excited to start this next chapter in my life, and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for all your assistance."

"I plan to continue with my [computer] class. Being unemployed has been a very humbling learning experience for me, and I really needed that time to see things in a new, fresh perspective, so I could do a little 'me' work, to be a better employee in my next position, especially in the area of taking instruction and being managed by those younger and with perhaps less experience.  My new manager has done the position I am taking and has worked her way up, which I truly respect!"

Thank you! — Louise #